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Jr. Varsity Cheer

Welcome to Jr. Varsity

Welcome to the Jr. Varsity Webpage!  Your go to guide for everything JV.

Weekly Update-Week of April 17th

Hey team! I hope you are all doing well!                        

If you did not pay in full at the time of fitting, your second payment is due this week.  Please have your daughter drop it off to Coach Weaston in room 1675 or myself in room 2022. 

I’m attaching the calendars for the fall semester so you can start planning.  Please note the following:

1 – Last weekend’s car wash has been moved to the Saturday of Weaston Week. The schedule will be a little different than last year for the last day of our practice. When we finalize how that will run, we will pass that along to you.
2 – November calendar does not YET include the UCA or NCA Regionals because they haven’t posted anything yet.  We will be adding those when they come.
3 – Casino Night is on the September calendar.  We are putting together a committee to start the planning NOW, and our first meeting will be in May.  Please let me know if you want to be on the planning committee.  This committee will be in charge of running the event and we will split you off into subcommittees (food and beverages, ticket sales, raffle items and set up/tear down).  If you come to the meeting you are NOT committing to being in charge…it’s just to see who wants to help.
4 – We will be contacting you shortly if you let us know you were interested in another parent volunteer position (camp gifts, baskets, PR, fundraising, etc). 
5 – December is currently blank. As we receive information and basketball calendars, I will add to that and send out.


Football FAQ

What games do Freshman and JV cheer for?
Check your calendar when it comes out…your coach will choose what game.  We will cheer for some JV orange games  and alternate between orange and blue JV teams.

My cheerleader has comp cheer practice during a game is it excused?

My cheerleader has a cheer competition on Saturday but she also has a game.  Is that excused? 

My cheerleader has a cheer competition in San Antonio/Dallas/New Orleans, etc on Saturday but our game is Friday night – can I miss the game to travel to location early?
No.  If she does, she will receive 3 demerits for an unexcused absence.

Do I HAVE to ride the bus to and from the football game?
Yes…that is a district guideline. 

Oh no, the game is rain/lightning/whatever delay and it’s 9:30 pm.  Are we staying until the game is over?
Yes…we always stay until the game is over.  If those boys are on the field, we are on the ground cheering.  That also means we cheer in the rain J  We do have ponchos for the girls if it does rain.

Homecoming week:
Freshman AND JV will cheer for their team’s homecoming games – JV will travel TO Taylor HS to cheer.  Freshman will stay HERE to cheer.  Yes – this is mandatory.

**JV will join Varsity at the Varsity homecoming game as well this year – yes it’s mandatory.

Can I leave at halftime?
No – if they HAVE to, they will receive two demerits.

What do we do during halftime?
Freshman and JV will perform a cheer/dance/something

Varsity – goes up into stands/relax

**All girls MUST be back at the 3 minute mark – if they are late they get 1 demerit.

**Each week the girls will sign up to bring snacks and water for the team.  During halftime they will have some downtime to eat and rehydrate and use RR.

Other schedule issues to note:
**The JV games are subject to time change – some teams do not have a 10th grade team so they only play one game – and those games typically start at 5-5:45 pm.  We won’t know that information until the week prior.  At least this will give you an idea of who/when/where J