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Why All Football Players Should Wrestle

Why All Football Players Should Wrestle

This is YouTube video put together with some great wrestling action spliced in with college football coaches explaining why they actively recruit wrestlers to their football programs.

All Football Players Should Wrestle

All Football Players Should Wrestle even if it is just for one season. The parallel lessons between wrestling and football cannot be denied.  Even if football is your primary sport, spending a year competing with the wrestling team will make you tougher, perfect your positioning, build speed and power, improve your balance, increase your foot speed, build full-body strength, as well as make you an aggressive competitor on the field.  All positions can benefit from wrestling.

Do you feel like you can't wrestle because you need to lift weights all winter?  We lift weights during the wrestling season too.  We also get into hand to hand combat and lift up our opponents every single day.  If you choose to only lift weights in the winter in preparation for the next football season, keep in mind that the weights on the bar don't fight back, but your wrestling workout partner will every day.  In the fall, your opponent on the other side of the ball will certainly fight back.  Why would you give up a chance to compete against an actual person for three months on the wrestling mat?  And, after you complete a season of wrestling, you will have about 3 months of football athletic period workouts and after school weightlifting before you even play spring football and then the whole summer of strength and conditioning camp before you play your next season of football.

You do NOT need to be a full-time wrestler or full-time football player to do well in both sports. Wrestling is a technique-heavy sport, but we train and coach football players that aren't with us all year differently than full-time wrestlers.  We will focus on perfecting a handful of skills that compliment your football style of athleticism instead of trying to teach you 1000 wrestling moves. 

Football players are competitors, so challenge yourself to compete all winter long!

The Undeniable Correlation Between Wrestlers and NFL Football Players

     The document below is a bit old, but the stats that prove the correlation between wrestling and successful NFL players has only improved since then.  Some of the quoted coaches may have retired or moved on, but just about every current college coach is looking to recruit football players with wrestling experience.  The same can be said of NFL coaches and scouts.  

Click on the document below to read more.