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Seven Lakes Wrestling Alumni Information

Get Involved And Give Back To The Sport That Gave You So Much

As a Seven Lakes High School Wrestling Alum, I hope you had a positive experience while wrestling for the Spartans.  You know how hard you worked and all about the lessons you learned while here.  Those life changing lessons weren't just a byproduct of being at Seven Lakes.  Those lessons were instilled in you because of this great sport.  It is time to give back!  There are easy ways to support your old high school team and wrestling in general that don't require much time or any money.  If you want to make more of an impact in the sport you loved that gave you so much, you can get involved and donate your time, money, and expertise, to whatever level you can manage.  Staying involved with the sport at any level helps.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Like, share, and post on our social media.  Get the word out about Seven Lakes Wrestling as well as wrestling in general.  Post about your positive experiences with the team and what it meant to you.  Likes, shares, and positive stories about us or wrestling in general circulating on social media is extremely beneficial for us.  It helps us fill the stands, raise funds, and even recruit. 
    • Facebook - Seven Lakes Wrestling
    • Twitter - @slhswrestling
  • Go to the events.  Come out and support the current team by being in the stands for all the events you can make.  Build our fan base and be a part of the excitement!
  • Donate financially to your old high school team.  We take tax-deductible donation checks made out to The Seven Lakes Athletic Booster Club anytime, but we will have a specific fundraising drive every year that you can keep up with on our social media.
  • Volunteer with our wrestling club.  Team Leonidas serves the wrestlers in our area at the youth level teaching folkstyle wrestling in the winter and at the high school level teaching international styles in the spring.  We would love to have you coach and be a part of the club.  The club is staffed by volunteers, but we can help cover costs for alumni that are working their way through their education or just starting their careers out.  Check out the club website below.
  • Become a Wrestling Official.  First of all, being a wrestling official is fun and rewarding.  It is also a great way to improve the quality of wrestling in the area.  Having a larger and more skilled number of officials is paramount to our growth.  Events have and will continue to be canceled due to lack of officials.  The link to our local wrestling officials' site is below where you can learn more and sign up.
  • Make contact with Coach Demarchi again.  Feel free to come visit and say hi.  We can't let you on the mats to workout (unless it is during club time and you have obtained the proper credentials), but I would love to hear from you again.

Texas Wrestling Officials' Association Gulf Coast Chapter

This is the home page for the Texas Wrestling Officials' Association Gulf Coast Chapter. Click here and get involved with wrestling from the center of the mat.