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Junior High Wrestling

All You Need to Know About Junior High Wrestling in Katy ISD

Katy ISD does not currently offer Junior High Wrestling as one of their on-campus sports.  That does not need to hold your student-athlete back from learning the sport, training, and even competing.  

The Seven Lakes High School Wrestling Coaching Staff is dedicated to providing opportunities for and working with junior high student-athletes that express interest in starting their wrestling careers before they enter high school.

We encourage you to peruse the rest of this website to get details about wrestling in general and to learn about Seven Lakes Wrestling specifically. 

We have open mat training dates in the spring and summer for 7th and 8th graders zoned to Seven Lakes High School that want to get on the mat and train with the high school coaches before they get to high school.  Check the front page of this team website for spring and summer open mat dates.

There are several wrestling clubs in the area that provide regular practice and competition for junior high wrestlers.  They operate outside of KISD Athletics and are not affiliated with Katy ISD.  Contact Coach Demarchi at <michaeldemarchi@KATYISD.ORG> or 281-237-2864 for more information and guidance on choosing an appropriate club.  

Wrestling is an extremely technical sport.  The longer a person wrestles, the more likely they are to find success.  The sooner a student-athlete starts their wrestling career, the better that wrestler can be by the time high school ends.  This sets that wrestler up for success during their high school career and could provide opportunities for college scholarships.  Check out the Becoming a State Placer Flow Chart below that we believe is an excellent road map for wrestlers to follow in order to place at the State Championships.  The sooner a wrestler starts on that journey, the more likely they are to attain that goal and open up even more opportunities for themselves after high school wrestling.