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Is Wrestling Right For You?

Wrestling is a winter sport that competes from mid November thru the end of February.  It will not conflict with fall or spring sports.

You do not need any experience to try wrestling.  The vast majority of our highly successful wrestlers never wrestled before they came to high school.

Wrestling is an individual sport.  You can be highly successful in the postseason even if your team is not (but, our teams have been highly successful over the years).  Each individual's points are collected and added to a team total, so each and every weight class being successful for us is important.  

Be the best in your weight class and you will be the Varsity starter.

Wrestling is one of the few sports here at Seven Lakes that has opportunities for just about everyone.  There is no typical type of wrestler.  Everyone has a chance.  You don't have to be big, tall, or fast to be successful.  Wrestling is a very technical sport and we can tailor a plan for success for all types of athletes.  

Hard work and heart are what it takes to be a champion here.  

We never cut athletes.

Wrestling is for both boys and girls.  We have been very successful with girls here over the years (our first State Champion was a girl).  Girls compete separately from the boys (girls wrestle girls in competition).  

Having done a mixed martial art previously will give you an advantage as long as you are willing to learn the rules of wrestling and figure out what will score points for you and what is illegal.