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The Wrestlers' and The Captains' Handbook

Seven Lakes Wrestler's Handbook

The two documents below are good reads about the procedures and best practices that will help wrestlers find success in all kinds of different situations.  These documents do not include team rules.  That information is contained in the signed parents' packet in the forms section.  These handbooks are closer to hints and tips for wrestlers who want to be successful.

The Wrestler's Handbook is for all Seven Lakes HS wrestlers.

The Captain's Handbook is for wrestlers who wish to serve in a leadership position for the Spartans.

Seven Lakes Wrestling Captain's Handbook

The following documents are for any Spartan Wrestler interested in a leadership position or just interested in leadership in general.  Read about the details and responsibilities of the extremely difficult job of being a SLHS Wrestling Captain.  If selected as a Captain, you will be signing The SLHS Wrestling Pledge of Leadership at the bottom of the page.