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Darius Alford: playing basketball at UT Tyler

Kyle Atkinson: Blinn College

Rejohn Baylor: Lone Star

Drew Bulawa: University of Florida

Alex Burkhart: playing basketball at LeTourneau

Derek Depew: Stephen F. Austin

Miles Ledet: Austin College

Jackson McClurg: University of Texas

Tom Olawuwo: N/A

Derian Schmidt: N/A

Garrett Scott: playing football at Houston Baptist University

Blake Simensky: University of Arkansas

Logan West: Blinn College


Dylan Boone:
Kaleb Calderwood: Houston Community College
Jason Canales: University of Houston
Elliott Ducree: University of Houston
Jonathan Howell: Texas Tech University
Nikhil Manuel: Texas A&M University
Diego Martinez: University of Houston
Hernan Ramirez: University of Houston


Ariana Moussavi:  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Maceo Barker:  Sam Houston State majoring in Criminal Justice
Brian Bass:  Oklahoma State majoring in Sports Media
Colton Mattinson:  Austin Community College/University of Texas General Studies
Kyle Howard:  Southwestern University (Academics & Basketball Scholarship)
Karan Shah:  University of Texas majoring in Biology and Pre-Dental
Matt Grass:  Texas A&M University majoring in Business Administration
Joe Santo Salvo:  Baylor University majoring in Economics
Josh LaVergne:  University of Oklahoma majoring in Business
Paul Hentges:  Colorado School of the Mines majoring in Mechanical Engineering
Sabik Chowdhury:  University of Texas majoring in Finance

Devin Duplantier:  attending Texas State
Ben Gautschy:  attending Southern Methodist University
Josh Fusto:  attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Brock Peterson:  attending Texas State
Teddy Medina:  attending Texas State
Jonathan Prewitt:  attending Blinn Junior College
Andy Villalobos:  attending the University of Houston
Eskor Edem:  attending Texas State 
Richard Bassett:  two-year church mission; Brigham Young University

Delia Santos:  attending Texas State University
Greg Hunter:  attending college and playing basketball at NW Vista College in San Antonio
Jake Terry:  playing basketball at Missouri Baptist
Ryan Craig:  attending Blinn Junior College
Blake Johnson:  attending Texas State University
Paulo Otero:  attending Texas A&M University
Jacob Ranta:  attending Arizona State on National Merit Scholarship
Jack Weber:  attending the University of Texas
Stanley Kanu:  on scholarship for football at Henderson State University
Austin Tenpenny:  attending Texas State University
King Turnbull:  playing basketball at Colorado State-Pueblo


Alec Colhoff: attending Texas State
Ryan Maneffa:  attending the University of Oklahoma
Jeff Martin:  attending and playing basketball at Murray State University
Ryan McClurg:  attending and playing basketball at the University of Texas
Kenny Desrosiers:  attending and playing at Western State in Wisconsin
Robby Byrne:  attending and playing in at Occidental College in California
Daniel Arbaugh:  attending the University of Arkansas
CJ Burkhart:  attending Brigham Young University
Matthew Mayzer:  attending Texas A&M University
Drew Van Hoozer:  attending Texas A&M University

Erick Roberson:  Attending and playing basketball at St. Thomas University
Karson Ota:  Attending and playing football at M.I.T.
Jaylon Jones:  Attending and playing at Panola Junior College
Trey Pinkney:  Student-Athlete on Basketball Scholarship at Stephen F. Austin; Played in 2014 NCAA Tournament as starting PG
Zach LeBlanc:  Attending the University of Notre Dame
Atif Russell:  Student-Athlete on Basketball Scholarship at Pepperdine University
Andrew Kellogg:  Houston Community College
Caleb Jackson:  Attending the University of Texas A&M at Corpus Christi
Jeff Priester:  Attending the University of Alabama
Jared Crosby:  Playing football at Blinn Junior College
Connor Coleman:  Attending Houston Community College
Jacob Nagode:  Attending the University of Texas A&M

Jake Denver: attending Texas Tech University
Princeton Onwas: playing college basketball at the University of Utah
Leo Almeida:  attending Oklahoma State University
Ryan Syverson:  attending University of Texas
John Hazel:  in the Corps at Texas A&M
John Bassila:  attending the University of Texas

Chris Nady:  attending Cornell University
Peter Erni:  attending the University of Texas
Cameron Patton:  attending Oklahoma State University
Spencer Bashforth:  attending University of California 
Adam Nickola:  TABC Manager of the Year and attending Junior College in North Dakota


Clay Almeida:  University of Texas San Antonio
Cameron Rison:  University of Texas
Matthew Wallace:  University of Oklahoma
John Oettli:  Brigham Young University
Anthony Kendrick:  playing football at the University of Kentucky
Danny Coleman:  Owns his own workout business on the East Coast
Michael Newberry:   Graduate of Texas A&M University; works as an engineer in Houston
Brendan Flower:  Texas Tech University
Sebastian Tejada:  University of Houston

Jimmy Abraham:  graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi after playing college basketball at Rend Lake and SW Minnesota State
Brandon Provost:  graduated from UT Pan Am after playing 4 Seasons; playing professionally in Europe
Jordan Cromeans:  graduated from North Texas
David Noren:  West Point Military Academy and Brigham Young University
Taylor Ward:  graduated from Texas A&M University & a Masters at Arizona State University and working in Denver, Colorado
Robert Erni:  graduated from the University of Texas and working in Houston
Michael Bassila:  graduated from Texas Tech University and works as an engineer in Sugarland, Texas
Mehrdad Khavarian:   graduated University of Houston