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Say What?

Like Email and Texting and Tweeting are not hard enough to keep up with, now your son has joined a sport that has a language of it's own.  Hope this helps....



Negative splits - running the last half of a race faster than the first half

Nurmi, Paavo - Finnish distance runner, one of the "Flying Finns", winner of 9 Olympic golds

2 Mile-What Freshman Run

5K-What Junior Varsity and Varsity Run (3.1 Miles) 

10k - distance of 10,000 meters or 6.2 miles

15k - 15,000 meters or 9.3 miles, an odd distance, not quite a 10-miler, sort of a "tweener" on the way to a half-a-thon

Bear - point in the race or interval where lactic acid buildup physically changes your stride as if you were carrying a bear on your back

BODY MASS INDEX -(BMI) is number that reflects the percentage of body fat in proportion to lean body mass

Bonk - crashing in a race (usually a marathon) attributed to running out of fuel

Cardiac creep - pulse rate increases despite pace stays same due to dehydration. Heart pumps harder to carry the same amount of oxygen

Flats - non-spiked shoes

CINDERS - This running track which is composed of fine rock, carbon, ash, and slag is indicative of the pre-synthetic era. 

Chub rub - chafing caused by fat thighs rubbing together

 Cool-down exercises - allows your body to relax and to return to a resting state after you have completed it. Also, performing a cool-down is the best way to minimize muscle fatigue and soreness due to the high muscle exertion from your major activity/workout

Cutdown - is the opposite of a ladder or an interval workout of decreasing interval lengths, such as 800-600-400-200 meters.

 CROSS-COUNTRY RUNNING - It is a sport in which teams of runners compete to complete a course over open or rough terrain faster than other teams

CUSHIONING - The ability of a shoe to absorb the impact of footstrike

Cross training - training strategy which uses other forms of aerobic exercise such as swimming, cycling, cross country ski

Bodyglide® - lubricating product to prevent chafing and skin irritation

DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS (DOMS) - This type of muscle soreness normally peaks about 48 hours after a particularly intense or long run

Dirty dozen - A set of 12 - 400 meter intervals

DNF - did not finish

DNS - did not start

Double-clutch - a pattern of breathing in which a runner inhales two breaths for every breath exhaled

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