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Looking To Get Your Spartan Wrestling Journey Started?

Look around the website by checking the tabs on the left.  There is a ton of information for prospective wrestlers, returning wrestlers, and all parents.  

Stay connected with what is going on this summer (open mat times, handouts, information, etc) by joining our Remind. 

Text @db8763 to 81010.  

Feel free to contact Coach Demarchi anytime with your questions by emailing

Program Objectives

Seven Lakes Wrestling Mission Statement

Seven Lakes Wrestling is committed to developing young people of high character and outstanding moral fiber through the pursuit of excellence in the sport of wrestling who will then be able to find success in any endeavor in life on or off the mat.  

Seven Lakes Wrestling Program Objectives

1. Build Good People.

2. Place Individual Wrestlers at the State Meet.

3. Field a competitive team each season with quality wrestlers at every weight allowing us to compete for post season team titles as well as win regular season duals.

4. Encourage wrestlers to continue to remain involved in wrestling after graduation by competing, officiating, coaching, or giving back to the sport in whatever way they can.

End of the Season Slide Show

Why All Football Players Should Wrestle

Take a look at this YouTube video on the view of multiple successful college and professional football coaches about why they love having wrestlers on their teams and the mutual benefits of competing in both sports.

Why All Football Players Should Wrestle


Practice & Competition Schedule

All practice and competition schedules for all levels are in one document.  You can find it by clicking on the Schedule button.  All maps and directions to events are located in RankOne, but you are better off just using your favorite map app on your phone.

Mike Demarchi

Head Coach

Phone: Office 281-237-2864 Cell 281-989-2748

SLHS Wrestling Philosophy and Mental Training

Below are some blue links that will take you to some videos about what we consider to be big ideas that help guide the philosophy, goals, and training of Seven Lakes Wrestling

Seven Lakes Wrestling utilizes Coach John Wooden's Definition of Success.  His definition of success and explanation starts at 1:57 of the video, but the whole thing is a good watch.

At Seven Lakes Wrestling, we believe in embracing the big challenges.  Please watch John F. Kennedy's speech on why "We choose to go to the Moon."

Andela Duckworth has a great Ted talk here on "Grit".  This is all about building the skill of "Grittyness", or the ability to keep working through failure and learning from mistakes.  She has a book on the subject as well that is totally worth the read.

Carol Dwewck give a great Ted talk on her book about "Growth Mindset".  This talk and book is all about training your brain to be constantly growing and learning no matter what.