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Program Updates due to Covid 19 for the 2020-21 Season

There is no way I could rewrite all the Spartan Wrestling policies and keep them updated for everyone with the situation as fluid as it is (sometimes changing by the literal hour).

As a head coach, I have decided that as a staff we are going to go with grace for all during the pandemic.  I do not plan on removing anyone from the athletic period or the program for not practicing or competing.  There is too much going on in the current situation to allow me to judge anyone's decisions about their health and happiness.  Athletics is supposed to be a positive place where stress is relieved and people can grow physically and emotionally.

When we compete in the spring, wrestlers will need to be attending regularly scheduled practice in order to have a wrestle off and compete.  This is in place not to punish anyone, but for the safety of the competing wrestler.  This sport is too difficult to do halfway.  If a wrestler cannot make regular practice, they will still be allowed to practice as often as possible and remain on the team.  They will not be removed.

Please be certain that we are doing everything we can to minimize exposure and sanitize according to CDC guidelines.  Wrestling as a sport is already used to crazy sanitation procedures.  

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss them.  I am here for the Spartan Wrestling Family.

Mike Demarchi - Head Wrestling Coach Seven Lakes High School. 281-237-2864 

Program Objectives

Seven Lakes Wrestling Mission Statement

Seven Lakes Wrestling is committed to developing young people of high character and outstanding moral fiber through the pursuit of excellence in the sport of wrestling who will then be able to find success in any endeavor in life on or off the mat.  

Seven Lakes Wrestling Program Objectives

1. Build Good People.

2. Place Individual Wrestlers at the State Meet.

3. Field a competitive team each season with quality wrestlers at every weight allowing us to compete for post season team titles as well as win regular season duals.

4. Encourage wrestlers to continue to remain involved in wrestling after graduation by competing, officiating, coaching, or giving back to the sport in whatever way they can.

Why All Football Players Should Wrestle

Here is a nice YouTube clip (click the link above) with some great wrestling action mixed with college Football coaches describing why they actively recruit players that also wrestled in high school. There are also some NFL coaches and players talking the benefits of a wrestling background. Enjoy!

2019-20 Spartan Wrestling Virtual Banquet

We have created a new page for our "Virtual Banquet" on the left menu here.  It has a video message from Coach Arcuri and Coach Gumm.  There is PDF with some of our final stats.  Then there is a video message from Coach Demarchi with individual recognitions and end of the Season Awards.  I wish we could have done this in person as planned, but this is the best we can do this year.  Enjoy!

Practice & Competition Schedule

All practice and competition schedules for all levels are in one document.  You can find it by clicking on the Schedule button.

Mike Demarchi

Head Coach

Phone: Office 281-237-2864 Cell 281-989-2748